Black and white digital photographs
“Unambiguous” is a series of images that were more or less “inspired” by the work I was doing with the “Natura” series. The idea came one day while looking at the image of a rose while thinking “how would this flower look from the back? Then the whole “ambiguous” thought came to me. Who decides what is the “front” and the “back” of an object? If I could show two sides of the same image, then, was that image one or two images?

Next I decided to look up the concept of ambiguous and here is what I found:

• am·big·u·ous [am-big-yoo-uhs] – open to or having several possible meanings or interpretations; equivocal: an ambiguous answer.

But that is not what I was trying to say with these images, so I looked up the opposite of ambiguous and found out that there is such thing as “Unambiguous” and here is what it means:

•un·am·big·u·ous/ˌ [ənamˈbigyo͞oəs] – clear, precise, not open to more than one interpretation. BINGO!

These images are two or more sides of the same story, in other words every person that looks at them, will have their own version of that they mean.

Like in Kurosawa's movie Rashomon these images show how any individual's perception and telling of an event can differ from another's version.

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