Snap shots of everyday life II
This is a series of photographs from my iPhone using the app Instagram
My favorite description of what iShooting means is this one I found on the Iphoneography blog:

"What is iPhoneography? At its simplest and most “technical” definition, iPhoneography is the capturing, editing, and processing of photographic images with an Apple iPhone and within the App Ecology developed by and for this device. It is a photographic practice with a defined technographic medium that imposes its own set of boundaries that we can explore creatively, artistically, and cI have not have this much fun shooting photos since my late father gave my first film camera in the early 1970s. Here is a selection of some of my favorite shots of my everyday life... I hope you like them!

You can purchase my book "iShooting" on Blurb by clicking the link below:

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