Images taken and processed  with an iPhone at Miami International Airport
I am not a big fan of traveling and don't like airports either... specially... the Miami International Airport aka MIA. But... as the title of the book suggests... MIA is the largest gateway between the United States and Latin America, and therefore I have to go to MIA several times a year to pick up family and friends coming to visit from my native Venezuela or anywhere else in the world for that matter.
Immigration and Emigration have been words used in my family for several generations. From Europe to Latin America, and to the United States, and back to Europe and Latin America... and the US, for over a century. And for the past couple decades we can ad Canada to this large cast of countries and continents were my family members have gone to or left from.
This book was created for an art exhibition titled "Crossing the LInes" about immigration and emigration issues, human rights and social justice, so I decided to drive down to MIA and take some pictures with my iPhone, trying to showcase the strange atmosphere inside this "human hub", and combine these images with "quotes" (from a large variety of people) about immigration in the US, since this is such a delicate issue here, plus the fact that this is the country I presently live in... at least for now!
The book can be previewed and purcahsed at my Blurb.com eStore at the link below:

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